Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

One of the most idyllic places on Earth, Himachal Pradesh is a state like none other.One of India’s northernmost states, Himachal Pradesh is nestled within the iconic Himalayan mountain range. With both bustling hill stations and serene valley villages, Himachal in the ideal location for both adventure lovers and easy-going tourists alike.  The diversity of the states topography creates opportunities for everything from trekking, rafting and mountain climbing to luxury spas and homestay hide-outs.

Himachal has an abundant system of travel options. Its long-reaching road network for busses and cars also makes it a great state for a road trip. Entry into the state can be by both train and air. The region is so diverse that every valley, every new tunnel opens you to out to a new opportunity for exploration. The seasonal changes throughout the year offer a unique experience depending on the time of visit. The state invites not colonial-nerds seeking the last vestiges of the British era’s architecture and culture but also rugged back-packers excited to live as the natives do.

Here’s 20 must-go places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, ‘The Land of Snow’:

  1. Kasol
  2. Shimla
  3. Kasauli
  4. Jibhi
  5. Dharamshala
  6. Spiti Valley, Tabo and Kaza
  7. Kullu & Manali
  8. Tattapani
  9. Bir Billing
  10. Dalhousie
  11. Khajjiar
  12. Chamba
  13. Kangra
  14. Hamirpur
  15. McLeodganj
  16. Solan
  17. Chail
  18. Una
  19. Mashobra
  20. Kufri


Often confused with Kasauli, Kasol is Located in the Parvati Valley, Kasol is the only route to the holy site of Manikaran. Every year, it draws a large volume of Israeli tourists, earning the name of “Little Israel” of India. Is is the last large settlement on the routes to Malana and Kheerganga as well.
Unlike many other parts of Himachal, the treks in this region are known for the dense forests they pass through, also featuring a hot spring at Kheerganga.

Visit if:
An avid backpacker and trekker looking for a nodal point for many beautiful treks.

Stay for:
3-4 days

Best time to visit:
May to June

Reach via:
The nearest airport is Kullu, which is 3 hours away. Since the region is popular amongst low-budget backpackers and trekkers, the most popular mode of transport is the HRTC bus or a car service from Delhi, to Shimla (381 kilometres), to Kasol.

Don’t miss out on:

– The iconic Rainbow Inn & Cafe
– The Moon Dance Cafe
– Treks to Kheerganga, Tosh, Malana
– Travel to Manikaran Sahib and the hot springs
– Guided Parvati River leisure walks
– Experience Israeli cuisine
– Try Rice Beer
– Hype Music Festival


Shimla has been an alluring destination for many years now, so much so that the British declared it their Summer capital in India. A beautiful hill station nestled amongst blue-green mountains and still lakes, Shimla is a wide spread town with winding roads and many hints to the past Colonial era in its architecture and culture. While Shimla is open to tourists year-round, the pleasantness of the Summer months is in harsh contrast to the almost freezing temperatures of the Winter. The Mall road for shopping is just as iconic as the region’s piping-hot tea vendors and road-side 2-minute noodle sellers.

Visit if:

A hill station suited for coziness and warm memories, Shimla is well-suited for families with people of all ages. With a wide array of available indoor activities and legendary sunset walks, Shimla is also one of the most popular destinations for Indian newly-weds.

Stay for:
2 to 3 days

Best time to visit:
The summer months from May to July. To experience the snow at its best, visit from November to January.

Reach via:
The closest airport from Shimla is Jubbarhatti, which has frequent flights to and from Delhi. Chandigarh airport is just under 4 hours by road to Shimla, and has good connectivity to all major Indian cities.
Travel by rail in and around Shimla is an act of historical appreciation. The Shimla station lies on the famous Kalka-Shimla Railway line, and is a narrow gauge line. The almost toy train looking vehicle traverses some of India’s most beautiful hills and mountainsides. Tickets for the same run out soon, so be sure to book in advance online!

Like most other major locales in Himachal, access to Shimla by road is a good option, particularly due to the large number of rental services, cabs and the Himachal Road Corporation

Don’t miss out on:
– The Ridge
– Mall Road
– Jakhoo Hill


Like many other hill stations of its size and elevation in Himachal, Kasauli is a Colonial town froze in time. Known primarily as the location for some of India’s best health resorts, Kasauli is a laid back town with spectacular panoramic views and a town with many nooks and crannies to properly explore. The many local breweries and liquor houses carry everything varied blends of beer to a wide variety of fruit wines.

Visit if:
A busy person looking for a holistic healing opportunity, or a one-stop destination to experience Himachal Pradesh.

Stay for:
Tourists usually visit the area for just a few hours in the day while those staying at the health retreats usually enjoy a long weekend of 3-4 days.

Best time to visit:
The region is best between March and November. Visit from December to January for snowfall.

Reach via:
Kasauli is accessible via a short 2-3 hour drive from Chandigarh airport or via road from Shimla. The nearest rail stations are Sonwara and Kalka which are 6 kilometres and 40 kilometres away from Kasauli, respectively. The HRTC buses int he area are frequent and reliable. 

Don’t miss out on:

– Monkey Point/ Manki Point
– Ksauli Brewery
– Sunset Point
– Shopping on Mall Road
– Timber Trail and a cable car journey through the hills
– Gurudwara Shri Guru Nankji
– Christ Church
– Gurkha Fort


Hidden away in the Himachal hills, Jibhi is a small village on either side of a river. Known primarily for its warm honesty, Jibhi is the perfect destination for those who wish to experience native village life.

Visit if:
For offbeat travellers who hope to explore an untouched part of Himachal, and live as the natives do.

Stay for:
3-4 days

Best time to visit:
The summer months from May to July. To experience the snow at its best, visit from November to January.

Reach via:
The easiest way to reach this remote location is via HRTC or private circulation buses from Delhi to Shimla, and ascend at Aut. The car drive from Aut to JIbhi is just 8 kilometres, and is a very scenic route throughout.

Don’t miss out on:
– Jalori Pass

– Serolsar Lake
– Chehni Kothi
– Great Himalayan National Park
– Jibhi Waterfalls
– Shringa Rishi Temple


A snow-clad hidden gem, seemingly far away from commercialised civilisation, Dharamshala, by its own name, is a heavenly abode that welcomes and all. Flanked by a mountain on one side and valleys on al others, the town lends itself as an ideal viewpoint to appreciate Himachal from. Dharamshala is also the abode of the Dalai Lama.
The very scent in the air is reminiscent of comfort and positivity, and the swishing pine trees that surround the area lend a sense of absolute calm to all that visit. Dharamshala also derives its name from the now native community of Tibetan refugees who has blended their culture so wholesomely with that of the state. Tourists from all over India flock to this region for a taste of Tibet, both literally and metaphorically.

Visit if:
A traveller seeking refuge from bustling everyday life, or someone looking to escape to a warm community of smiling faces.

Stay for:
1-2 days, though many backpackers often seek refuge in the town for a month in meditation and self-improvement

Best time to visit:
The summer months from May to July. To experience the snow at its best, visit from November to January.

Reach via:

The town has an airport which uncharacteristically good connectivity to all major Indian cities. The airport is located just a short drive away from the city centre. Travel by road or rail is easiest from Pathankot, as well as from other Himachal cities via the Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s frequent and reliable buses.

Don’t miss out on:

– Paragliding amongst the serene mountains
– Triund Trek
– Camping on green plains
– Kareri Lake trek
– Day trip to Kangra Valley and Kangra fort
– Sunrise at Garu Temple
– Lahesh Caves
– Dal Lake
– Gyuto Monastry
– Jwalamukhi Devi Temple
– Bhagsu Waterfall
– Mani Lhakhang Stupa
– HPCA Stadium
– Dharamshala War Memorial
– Sherbling Monastery
– Tsuglagkhang Complex

Spiti Valley, Tabo and Kaza

Hidden gems amongst some of Himachal more popular destinations, Spiti, Tabo and Kaza are relatively undiscovered hide-aways. A region dotted with beautiful monasteries, it is also one of the most spiritual destinations in Himachal.

Visit if:
Ideal for both backpackers and families

Stay for:
2-3 days

Best time to visit:
May to July

Reach via:
For air travel, one can travel to Kullu airport, from where the region is only a short HRTC bus or car drive away. Most travellers to the region prefer the rail route from Shimla to Kaza.

Don’t miss out on:
– River rafting along the Spiti and Pin River
– Pin Valley National Park
– Camping at Chandratal lake
– Trek to Dhankar Lake
– The Mummy at Giu
– Baralacha Pass
– Star gazing
– Fossil Hunting
– Yak Safari
– Nako Village Walk

Kullu & Manali

Perhaps the most popular tourist locations in the state, these two hill stations in Himachal are also the biggest. Kullu sits proudly at the bank of the Beas River, and is known as the ‘Valley of Gods’. The region is famous for the Raghunath Temple and the Bijli Mahadev Temple. While the region has many luxury hotels, it is also home to many old British manors available as homesteads.

Manali sits at a higher elevation than Kullu, over 2000 meters above sea level. Manali is known for its Mall Road shopping, and piping hot momos on a cold evening. Manali boasts of splendid views of mountains, and a stepped and staggered system of buildings that is an awe-inspiring sight by itself.

Both Kullu valley and Manali are the perfect combination of laid-back tourism and opportunities for sports and adventure. Manali, while known for the Hidimba Temple, is also the most popular access to the Rohtang Pass, where people can enjoy snow-sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Visit if:  Whether you’re looking for a stopping point as your venture further into the state, or a well-rounded location for a family trip, these locations are ideal for every traveller!

Stay for:
2 days each. We suggest finding a homestay between the two cities for 3-4 days.

Best time to visit:
The summer months from May to July. To experience the snow at its best, visit from November to January, though the Rohtang pass may be closed from late November onwards, depending on precipitation.

Reach via:
While the Kullu-Manali Airport is fully functional, flights in and out from it are irregular and limited. The best option is to fly into Chandigarh, which is a reliable and busy airport. From there the journey to Manali or Kullu is just under 7-8 hours, and boasts a number of attraction on the way. Stop for a warm meal at a dhaaba, or to stretch your legs and admire the painting-esque view.
Connectivity by train is slightly inconvenient due to the lack of easy access trains from anywhere except Chandigarh. Travel by road between the hill stations and from Chandigarh or Delhi is very convenient, due to the frequent and reliable Himachal Road Transport Corporation and many rental services available.

Don’t miss out on:
– Tibetan monasteries
– Sultanpur Palace
– Solang Valley
– Rohtang Pass
– Parvati Valley
– Manikaran
– Vashisht Hot Water Springs
– Bhrigu Lake


Located 60 kilometres from Shimla, Tattpani is a hidden gem not known for many. Every year, thousands come to this oasis of clear blue water and rocky water sides to experience the famous hot sulphur springs of the area. These springs are said to have healing properties that treat skin irritations, infectious diseases, arthritic pain, symptoms of menopause and digestive disorders. People also visit the region to climb the 450 stairs that take them to the network of Shiva caves that exist here, claiming they are a spot for miracles. Apart from religious visitors, the caves are also well suited for nature lovers, who can marvel at the deep and dense networks of stalactites and stalagmites inside. Many visitors also enjoy fishing and swimming in the water here.

Visit if:
A family or group of friends with diverse interests, looking for a quick and healthy dip in the spring!

Stay for:
Ideal for a day trip

Best time to visit:
October to June

Reach via:
The closest airport is Chandigarh, which is 136 kilometres away. The area can also be accessed from Ambala, which is 178 kilometres away. Most travellers prefer to take a car service or HRTC bus from Shimla to visit the region.

Don’t miss out on:
– Trimurti Pine Valley
– Shiva Caves

– Hot Sulphur Springs
– River rafting and trekking

Bir Billing

Known as an adventurer’s paradise, Bir Billing is the most popular hub for adventure sports in Himachal. Originally, Bir is a small village in Himachal with clear, predictable climates and open expanses of scenic valleys and cliffs.

At any point of time, looking to the skies, you would see many people paragliding from the region’s many peaks, as well as a variety of camping grounds in the flatter areas.

Bir Billing is also known for its serenity, with many Tibetan monasteries and tea plantation cooperatives who welcome respectful tourists. Bir Billing is a very affordable option for those who are looking for a multi-faceted vacation on a budget.

A hand-carved, awe-inspiring structure, the 13th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva by Vaidyanath is just 10 kilometres away from the region, and is an ideal day trip.

Visit if:
Best suited for adventure-junkies and explorers, those who seek to experience a more rugged style of living amongst nature

Stay for:
2-3 days

Best time to visit:

From May to July, in the peak of the Summer months

Reach via:
The closest air travel is just 30-45 minutes away from the region at the Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala. The Pathankot railway station is also only 4-5 hours away from Bir and car rentals, taxis and HRTC operated buses frequently ply the roads.

Don’t miss out on:
– Palampur Tea Cooperative
– Aero sports like paragliding and hand-gliding
– Camping and trekking along nature trails in the area
– Take-Off point – a must-visit even if you do not enjoy aero sports
– Shopping for souvenirs and Tibetan trinkets on Bir Road
– Mountain Biking on the ridge
– Leisure walks along Bir River
– The relaxing Yoga retreat, Arya Marga
– Bangoru Waterfall
– Deer Park Institute
– Ourdoor cafes like Nyigma Kitchen Restaurant and Aura’s Cafe
– Chokling Monastery
– Charity at Dharmalaya Institute
Sherab Ling Monastery


Named after the 19th century British governor, the beautiful hill station retains more than just its name when it comes to Colonial influences. Spread across a number of hills, Dalhousie is known for its meadows and tall, halcyon trees. The varying altitudes of each hill creates a unique viewpoint depending on where you’re looking out from and the misty blue mountains at the horizon are as much a part of the city as its impressive architecture.

Visit if: Ideal for travellers hoping to take a comfortable and calming break from city life, or tourists who enjoy Colonial heritage or those looking for a romantic getaway.

Stay for: Equally suited for a day trip as well as a luxurious 2-3 day stay.

Best time to visit:
April to July

Reach via: Located just 75 kilometers from Pathankot Aiport, Dalhousie is a popular weekend getaway for many. It is accessible from Pathankot as well as other Himachal towns via taxi rental and the Himachal Road Transport Corporations frequent and reliable bus network.

Don’t miss out on:
– Picnics at Panch Pulla
– St. John’s Church
– A tour of famous Bollywood filming locations around the area
– Kalatop Sanctuary
– Dainkund Peak
– Satdhara Falls
– Ganji Pahari
– Sach Pass
– Chamera Lake
– Gandhi Chowk for souvenirs
– Bakrota Hills
– River rafting on the Ravi or Saal
– Subhash Baoli
– The Rock Garden
– the iconic Cafe Dalhousie


Within the Chamba district, Khajjiar is one of the most scenic valleys in Himachal. After the daunting yet beautiful barren expanse of Chamba, Khajjiar is rich and resplendent with flora and fine of many kinds. It is an ideal locale to unwind and recharge.

Visit if:
Best suited for small friend groups hoping to relax of low-key family vacations

Stay for:
2-3 days

Best time to visit:
May to June

Reach via:
Khajjiar can be accessed via Dharamshala by road (122 kilometres) though the overnight train from Delhi to Pathankot is also a preferred option. The journey by road from Pathankot is 110 kilometres, with regular and reliable Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses and many options for car services.

Don’t miss out on:
– Khajjiar Lake
– Khajji Nag Temple
– Apple orchard tours
– Views of Mount Kailash
– Adventure sports like paragliding
– Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
– Lord Shiva statue
– Golden Devi Temple
– Tibetan Handicrafts Center


Chamba is a location that is rife with rich folklore, religious destinations, and luxury retreats. Located on the banks of the River Ravi, Chamba is one of Himachal’s most unique topographies, an awe-inspiring view that has been compared tot he Grand Canyon in USA, at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level. Due to its unique terrain, Chamba has also been the site for significant events in Indian’s past, making it a must-go destination for history buffs.

Travel around the town’s winding lanes is not for the faint of heart, but the views of the Lakshmi Narayan Temples are without a doubt, worth it. Another famous draw to the area is the Banni Mata Temple, earlier known as the Mahakali Banni Mata temple. At the base of the state’s Air Panjal range, the temple is known as one of the oldest dedications to the Goddess Kali. The site is engulfed by a dense forrest of oak trees, from whence it derives. its name.

Visit if: A devotee looking for a moment of serenity or a history buff hoping to enjoy a terrain steeped in history and folklore.

Stay for: Chamba is the ideal location for a quick day trip from Dalhousie or Khajjiar

Best time to visit:
May to June

Reach via:
If you’re planning on staying in Chamba, the closest reliable airport or railway station is the Pathankot Airport, 4 hours away from the region. Taxi and car rental services between Pathankot and Chamba are frequent and reliable.
If visiting Chamba as a day trip, we recommend a car rental or enjoying the frequent and realise Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s buses. Many private bus services also ply in the area.

Don’t miss out on:
– Chadumba Devi Temple, Champavati Temple
– Akhand Chandi Palace
– Bhuri Singh Museum
– Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
– Chamera Dam
– Manimahesh Kailash Peak and Lake
– Rang Mahal


Historically known as Nagarkot, Kangra is one of Himachal’s most popular adventure sports and exploration locations. Located very close to Dharamshala town and Mcleaodganji, Kangra is a popular day trip for both natives and tourists.

Visit if:
Best suited for those who enjoy treks through rich, historical ruins or adventure-junkies hoping to try a wide variety of activities in one locale.

Stay for:
Unless you’re planning on trying more than 1-2 activities, a day trip to Kangra is the best plan.

Best time to visit:
May to June

Reach via:
While the Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala is only 14 kilometres away, most visitors usually visit this location via road from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj through car rental services and the Himachal Road Transport Corporations’s frequent and reliable network of buses.

If visiting by train, Amb Andaua in Una (the only broad gauge rail in Himachal Pradesh) is a 2 and a half hour drive away.

Don’t miss out on:

– Kangra Fort
– Baijnath Temple
– Brajeshwari Temple
– Kareri Lake
– Indrahar Pass (trek)
– Trek to views of Dhauladhar Range
– Jwala Devi Temple
– Masrur
– Kangra Art Museum
– Tea plantations of Palampur
– Nadaun
– Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple
– Bird watching at Haripur
– Tashijong
– Tour of Sir Jai/ Judge’s Court
– Taragarh Palace
– The mural at Dadasiba

– Tatwani Hot Spring


One of the few warmer options in Himachal Pradesh, Hamirpur has a rich and varied topography, attracting trekkers and explorers from all over India. The region is also well known for its cliffs and nature trails well-suited for even amateurs.

Visit if:
Ideal for families who seek thrilling sports without them being too daunting

Stay for:
Ideal for a day trip from Mandi or Bir

Best time to visit:
May to June

Reach via:
The closest transport hub is Kangra, located almost a 100 kilometers away pr the Kiratpur Sahib Railway Station close to Hamirpur, located 115 kilometres away. Car rental services and HRTC busses play along these routes frequently.

Don’t miss out on:
– Deotsidh Temple
– Sujanpur Tihra (Fort)

– Tauni Devi Temple
– Nadaun Fort
– Narbadeshwar Temple


One of Himachal Pradesh’s most popular spots, Mcleodganj is also known as “Little Lhasa” and is said to be the perfect blend of Tibetan and Himachal culture. Walking through its winding streets, one is blown away by the juxtaposition of the misty mountains and the colourfully decorated streets. McLeodganj derives its name from the British Lieutenant Sir Donald Firell McLeod, but does not have as much colonial influence left in it as many other cities in Himachal Pradesh. Home to His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama after this exile, the region is known not just for its sights, but also for its spirituality. As a result, every year McLeodganj welcomes thousands of international travellers who fly down to volunteer at the Buddhist monasteries, take courses on the religion and enjoy trekking in the Dhauladhar mountains.

The city offers a wide variety of activities, suited for all kinds of travellers. One can enjoy its vibrant shopping scene, famous Tibetan cuisine, or explore its monasteries, museums, temples, waterfalls, lakes, Tibetan settlements and more!

Visit if:
McLeodganj is said to be one of the cheapest and safest places to visit, even for female solo travellers and families with a tight budget.

Stay for:
2-3 days

Best time to visit:
October to June

Reach via:
The ideal method to reach McLeodganj is via a train or flight to Pathankot, followed by a 90 kilometre drive into the city.

Don’t miss out on:
– Tsuglagkhang Complex
– Men-Tsee-Khang
– Library of Tibetan Works
– Cafe Budan
– Nich’s Italian Kitchen
– Tibetan Crafts Center
– Kalachakra Temple
– Lung Ta

– St. John in the Wilderness


A city where clouds greet your a good morning, Solan is a quirky city located a short drive from Shimla. Peculiarly, Solan is known as the ‘Mushroom city of India’ and the ‘City of Red Gold’ due to its abundant mushroom and tomato production. With such an ingredient rich culture, it is no shock that Solan is known as a culinary hub in Himachal. It also boasts beautiful landscapes for both viewing and trekking.

Visit if: An avid foodie looking for a good alternative to the more commercialised hill stations of the region

Stay for: Very convenient for day trip from Shimla

Best time to visit:
Throughout the year

Reach via:

Solan is just 3 hours away from Chandigarh Airport and also on the iconic Kalka-Shimla railway line meaning that Shimla’s iconic toy train can be used to visit here from the city. The HRTC buses in the region and frequent and reliable, though we do recommend booking in advance.

Don’t miss out on:

– Nalagarh Palace
– Shoolini Mata Temple
– Chail
– Kuthar Fort
– Dagshai
– Solan Brewery
– Menri Monastery
– Majathal Sanctuary
– Darlaghat Wildlife Sanctuary
– Jawahar Park
– Spiritual centres at Arki
– Karol Tibba


Best known as the seat for the highest cricket ground in the world, Chail is a hill station originally built by  the Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala in 1891. Since then, it has grown to become a community that welcomes avid cricket enthusiasts from all over the world.

Visit if:
A cricket enthusiastic looking to visit a record-holding ground

Stay for:
Chail is an ideal day trip from Shimla or Kasauli

Best time to visit:
Throughout the year

Reach via:
Just 3 and a half hours from Chandigarh Airport, Chail is a fun day trip into the mountains for many. The town can also be reached Bia rail at Kandaghat station, located on the Kalka-Shimla line and just 25 kilometres (about 2 hours) from Chail.
The Himachal Road Transport Corporation-run buses that ply in the region are frequent and reliable.

Don’t miss out on:
– The iconic Cricket Ground
– Chail Palace Hotel
– Sidh Baba Ka Mandir
– The colourfield at the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
– The picturesque Kali Temple
– Horse riding through the snow
– Camping in the meadows


Perhaps the lowest elevation of all the popular Himachal spots, Una is known for its warm weather and diverse flare and fauna. In contrast to most other cities in Himachal, the USA region is known for its expansive meadows and plains, nestled amongst mountains and lakes. Summers in Una even tend to get quite hot, with tourists experiences almost beach-like activities at the lakefronts.

Visit if: A traveler who enjoys to see the wide diversity of terrains within a state, or someone who wants to break up a mountain-filled vacation with a breath of warm Summer air.

Stay for: Ideal for a day trip, or a few hours

Best time to visit:
Throughout the year

Reach via:
If travelling by air, Dharamshala airport is just 3 hours away from Uni, though the recommended route is via road or rail from Chandigarh.

Don’t miss out on:

– Chintpuri Temple
– Ponga Dam
– Sheetla Devi Temple
– Pir Nagaha
– Kutlehar Forts
– Jawaharlal Navoday Stadium
– Jeevan Market for souvenirs
– Bangana Lathian Piplu
– Thaneek Pura
– Kila Baba Bedi Ji


The first thought of anyone visiting Mashobra is shock, then awe. Though it is only 13 kilometres from Shimla, the regions topography is completely unlike the rest of Himachal Pradesh. A hidden gem known only to a few, the region is dotted with deodar trees and dense jungles. The clear skies make the perfect setting for bird watching during the day and star gazing at night, while the region’s unique terrain creates opportunities for zip lining, rock climbing, rappelling, and river rafting.

Visit if: Looking to experience a completely unique location without too much of a detour for the main attractions of Himachal Pradesh.

Stay for:
2-3 days

Best time to visit:
May to June

Reach via:
Take a short ride from Shimla via the iconic narrow gauge rail, also known as the toy train.

Don’t miss out on:
– Outdoor living: Camping, bird watching and biking
– Paragliding, river rafting and zip lining
– Rock sports: climbing, rappelling
– Drive a quad bike through a variety of terrains
– Skiing during the winter months
– Mahasu Peak/ Mahasu Jatara Festival


Located quite close to Shimla, Kufri is the perfect spot for those who wish to see and truly experience snow.With its cozy log cabins and blanket of white serenity, Kufri is a popular destination for those seeking comfort. As opposed to sightseeing, Kufri is more known for its setting as the perfect scene for indoor comfort.

Visit if:
This romantic town is ideal for couples and honeymooners

Stay for:
1-2 days

Best time to visit:
To truly appreciate the cool weather, visit from November to March, with the peak of tourist season being December- January

Reach via:
Best visited from Shimla via road (car service or HRTC bus). It is just 10 kilometres from Shimla, with the nearest airport being Shimla (34.4 kilometres) or Chandigarh (138 kilometres).

Don’t miss out on:

– Nag Temple
– Exquisite local cuisine
– Winter skiing
– Guided horseback riding through dense forests
– Yak rides
– Mahasu Peak
– Kufri Fun World
– Tobogganing

With everything from adventure sports to health retreats and calm, scenic views, Himachal Pradesh definitely has it all. Abutted by Jammu and Kashmir, Tibet, Uttrakhand, and Haryana, Himachal’s culture has a diversity that not many other Indian states can boast of. Historically having welcomed refugees from all over, Himachal has some of the most diverse combination of influences, with so much idyllic British era beauty having been maintained with accuracy and warmth. The varied terrain has not only created opportunities for myriad activities, but has also made sure that every new place you visit in the city possesses a unique ability to shock and awe. While the word Himachal literally translates to “Snow slopes”, the range of activities that can be enjoyed here from Summer to Winter makes it the ideal destination year round. Himachal is ideal for travellers who hope to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a state that has many regions that have not yet been ruined by commercialisation. The region is so pure that at many times you may wonder if you have stumbled into Tibet.

Close your eyes. Can you imagine evergreen billowing trees under blue skies and fluffy clouds. Himachal is a state with mountains as far as the eye can see, some for thrill some for spirituality. The misty blue mountains welcome every kind of traveller, ensuring that you leave the state with satisfaction and serenity. Himachal is also well suited for those on a tight budget, but also have many luxury accommodation options. Himachal is a must-go location in India for both national and international travellers.

Visit Himachal Pradesh, the state that has something for everyone!

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