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30 places in Rajasthan that you must visit

Rajasthan literally translates to “the land of kings” and there is perhaps no better way to describe this breathtaking Inidan state. Located in the North-western side of India, Rajasthan is so large, it covers more than 10% of India’s total geographical area. A lot of Rajashtan’s topography and culture is dictated by the “Great Indian Desert” aka the That Desert that spans most of the state’s central area. Rajasthan shares borders with Pakistan, as well as the Indian states of … Read More

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35 Tourist places to visit in Uttar Pradesh

When you think of the most typical idea of “Indian-ness”, you think of Uttar Pradesh. The states very name give away its location, uttar meaning northern and pradesh meaning region. At a time Uttar Pradesh, colloquially known as “U.P.” was the northernmost province in India. In 2000, the state was divided into Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, a mountainous state to the North of UP. Even after the division, in today’s date Uttar Pradesh is not only the most populous state … Read More

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13 Tourist Places to visit in Lakshadweep

Just 300 kilometres off the coast of Kerala, lies one of nature’s best kept secrets – the beautiful, white sand covered Lakshadweep Islands. This isolated paradise offers breathtaking beaches, palm-crowned skies, and some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen.

The Lakshadweep Islands are technically an archipelago, that is, a stretch of sea with a dense cluster of independent islands inside it. The Lakshadweep Islands are therefore a cluster of 35 or so islands, scattered over 78,000 square kilometres … Read More

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Best Places to visit in Kerala

Lush greens, rippling waters, and clear blue skies. As much as you may try to imagine it, the true beauty of Kerala can not be understood un till you visit it. Popularly known as “God’s own country”, most people know Kerala as the state with the most spectacular backwaters. While the regions winding alleys of water, canopied by evergreen water-plants is one of its biggest draws, the state has a varied topography that makes visiting its various cities a visual … Read More

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Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

One of the most idyllic places on Earth, Himachal Pradesh is a state like none other.One of India’s northernmost states, Himachal Pradesh is nestled within the iconic Himalayan mountain range. With both bustling hill stations and serene valley villages, Himachal in the ideal location for both adventure lovers and easy-going tourists alike.  The diversity of the states topography creates opportunities for everything from trekking, rafting and mountain climbing to luxury spas and homestay hide-outs.

Himachal has an abundant system of … Read More